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Fiddler on the Roof
Chichester Festival Theatre


Sep 2017-Mar 2018
Roger de Bris
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Sweet Dreams CD - Leo AndrewSweet Dreams





Sweet Dreams - John Bucchino

Cole Porter Medley (From Anything Goes and Red, Hot and Blue)

For Good (Wicked) - Stephen Shwartz

Too Many Mornings with Claire Moore (Follies) - Stephen Sondheim

The Rose - Amanda McBroom

Unexpressed - John Bucchino

Being Alive (Company) - Stephen Sondheim

Playbill - John Bucchino

You Got the Right Key But the Wrong Keyhole / Longtime Daddy - 1900 Jazz Songs

What I Did for Love (A Chorus Line) - Marvin Hamlisch/Edward Kleban

The Windmills of Your Mind (The Thomas Crown Affair) - Michel Legrand

Cy Coleman Medley (Little Me, On The Twentieth Century and Wildcat) - Cy Coleman/Carolyn Leigh/Betty Comden/Adolph Green

Errol Flynn - Amanda McBroom

This Nearly was Mine (South Pacific) - Rogers and Hammerstein

Wheels of a Dream with Claire Moore ( Ragtime) - Flaherty/Ahrens

Goodnight My Someone (The Music Man) - Meredith Wilson



Leo Andrew - A World of Possibilities CD

A World of Possibilities

An eclectic mix of songs from a few of Leo's favorite performances, reflecting the breadth of his singing career – musical theatre, concert and cabaret.
A World of Possibilities now only available through CD Baby



Just Beyond the Stars/A World of Possibility - Stiles/Drewe, Arr. Firman

Better with a Band - Harper/Zippel, Arr. Niblock

She - Aznavour/Kretzmer, Arr. Firman

My Buddy/Old Friend - Donaldson/Kahn, Ford/Cryer, Arr. Firman/Niblock

Up Where We Belong - Jennings/Sainte-Marie/Nitzche, Arr. Tanner

Not A Day Goes By/Good Thing Going (Merrily We Roll Along) - Sondheim, Arr. Firman

Rhythm In My Nursery Rhymes - Lunceford/Chaplin/Cahm/Raye, Arr. Niblock

Shine on Harvest Moon - Bayes/Norworth, Arr. Niblock

Somewhere (West Side Story) - Bernstein/Sondheim, Arr. Niblock

I Don't Remember You/Sometimes A Day Goes By (The Happy Time/Woman of the Year) - Kandaar/Ebb, Arr. Firman

I'm Beginning to See the Light - James/Ellington/Hodges/George, Arr. Niblock

Hey There (The Pyjama Game) - Adler/Ross, Arr. Firman

Who Could Have Dreamed (The Three Muskateers) - Stiles/Leigh, Arr. Firman

Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon, Arr. Firman

Unusual Way (Nine) - Yeston, Arr. Firman

Anthem (Chess) - Anderson/Ulvaeus/Rice, Arr. Elijas

All I Ask of You/Old Man River (The Phantom of the Opera/Showboat) - Lloyd-Weber/Stilgoe/Hart, Kern/Hammerstein, Arr. Firman



The Leo Andrew CollectionThe Leo Andrew Collection

CURRENTLY AVAILABLE ONLY THROUGH AMAZON.CO.UK - click here to order The Leo Andrew Collection



I'll See You Again (Bitter Sweet) - Coward, Chappell Music

You Are My Heart's Delight (Land of Smiles) - Lehar/Graham, Gema/Herzer, L/Glocken Verlag Ltd.

One Alone (The Desert Song) - Romberg/Harback/Hammerstein, Bill-Bob Pub Co/Chappell Music/Redwood Music Ltd.

The Desert Song (The Desert Song) - Romberg/Harback/Hammerstein, Bill-Bob Pub Co/Chappell Music/Redwood Music Ltd.

Indian Love Call (Rose Marie) - Friml/Harback/Hammerstein, Bill-Bob Pub Co/Chappell Music Ltd.

Only a Rose (The Vagabond King) - Friml/Hooker, Famous Music Publishing Ltd.

Goodnight Vienna (Goodnight Vienna) - Posford, Keith Prowse Music Publishing.

Ma Belle Marguerite (Bless the Bride) - Ellis/Herbert, Chappell Music Ltd.

This is My Lovely Day (Bless the Bride) - Ellis/Herbert, Chappell Music Ltd.

Cossack's Song: At the Balalaika (Balalaika) - Posford/Maschwitz, Keith Prowse Music Publishing.

Serenade (The Student Prince) - Romberg/Donnelly, Chappell Music Ltd/Redwood Music Ltd.

Deep in My Heart, Dear (The Student Prince) - Romberg/Donnelly, Chappell Music Ltd/

Redwood Music Ltd.

I'm Off to Chez Maxim (The Merry Widow) - Lehar, Gema/Leon, Viktor/Stein, Leo/Ludwig Dobinger/Glocken Verlag Ltd.

My Dearest Dear (The Dancing Years) - Novello/Hassall, Chappell Music Ltd.

I Can Give You the Starlight (The Dancing Years) - Novello/Hassall, Chappell Music Ltd.

Keep the Home Fires Burning (The Dancing Years) - Ivor Novello/Guilbert-Ford, Ascherberg Hopwood and Crewe